Harp Sheet Music Book "Harpfully and Other Stories"


Harp Sheet Music Book "Harpfully and Other Stories"
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Printed Music Book of 40 pages:

a collection of 10 original composition for double action pedal harp and Celtic harp

with a selection of pieces from the new album HARPIANO:

-Japanese Sunrise

-The Way You Are


Welcome words:

Dear Harpist,

The thought of you playing my pieces fills me with joy!

Their creation was sometimes spontaneous, sometimes a long procedure and oftentimes an exciting process of writing and re-writing to further elaborate and fine-tune the performance of the piece on the harp strings.
If you want to listen to my music beforehand, you can find it on the various streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc..).

Almost all of the pieces allow you to listen to the music by the score. For “Mya” and “All of Us”, the score is more of a guidance for your own arrangement than
a full score.
In this collection of sheet music, you will also find rehearsal marks for the performance: You can arrange the piece in the way you like best, for example playing part A first and then part C, omitting part B or returning to it later. Simply put, you can play these pieces as they are written or as you like.

On some occasions only the left hand has notes to play to allow space for improvisational play with the right hand, following the rhythm and harmony. Also, I have included the chord abbreviations for each harmonic progression so that you can give them to another musician who can then play along on their instrument.

If you would like to recommend my sheet music to others, please note that it’s available for download as a digital PDF at a very reasonable price on www.nartan.com

For more information or questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at info@nartan.com

Thank you so much again, and have fun making music!


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